Approved Builders

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Kensington Grove Developers and Home Builders

We specialize in providing a product and service with the highest level of quality for a profit, expecting to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of our customers and the community around us. All this, being accomplished with the utmost integrity and witness (Proverbs 16:3)

We are enthusiastically continuing our unparalleled tradition in building the finely crafted, luxurious homes our clients want and deserve.

Complete List of Approved Builders

Wampler Builder, Inc. 317-882-1800
Duke Homes, Inc. 317-422-9000
RKW Homes, Inc. 317-458-0320
Rick Campbell Homes 317-752-5469
Matt Beecher Homes 317-535-7348
McNeil Homes 317-590-5649
Phil Standley Homes 317-332-7303
Homes by Cory 317-859-8309
Jeff West Homes 317-888-1888
Dave DeGeyter 317-496-9256
Jim Parsetich Homes 317-491-3434